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    Dark Portraits, Fine Art
    & Heavy Metal Photography

Hi, I´m Lars V. Andersen

I create dark portraits, inspired by reflections on society,
human race and by living a life with anxiety.
I also make heavy metal band photos, artwork for albums
and documentation of events, e.g. backstage footage.

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A little latest news for those who are interested.⁣

🔴 I’m currently working on the image I recently shot at a closed mink farm. It’s my last image (I think) made with some sort of theme related to this goddammed Covid-19 year.⁣
It’s an image I hope people will make their own interpretation of. I will make the image public as soon as it’s finished, hopefully in april.⁣

🔴 From next week I’ll no longer have a work station at @urbancityaalborg - and I will be “homeless” again. I will look forward to visit @urbancityaalborg aka @raatoggodt in the future, as a guest.⁣

🔴 I have just made deals with two metal bands. I’m gonna shoot press photos for one (this weekend) and album cover for another. I have been out scouting for locations and a model and I’ve found the perfect place AND the perfect model.⁣
Quite some time since I made work like that for bands so I’m excited to “be back.”⁣

🔴 Finally, I’ve got some exhibitions at art associations during the summer - and then I will take a short break to focus 100% on my family.⁣

Over & out.⁣

🔥 www.LarsVAndersen.com🔥
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