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Hi, I´m Lars V. Andersen

I create dark portraits, inspired by reflections on society,
human race and by living a life with anxiety.
I also make heavy metal band photos, artwork for albums
and documentation of events, e.g. backstage footage.

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Show your scars - I dare you!

This is me. All wrinkled up, with scars, bags under the eyes and a skin telling a story of a (once upon) teenager who had a lot of acne.
I believe my 38 years of up’s and down’s have taken it’s toll on my reflection in the mirror - and I like it.

A portrait like this would be bashed at most photography groups on Facebook, because of the non clean and smooth skin look etc. And that is a shame and simply sad. We look like we look, but when sharing our face with the online world, it has to be perfect and flawless, so we use filters and all kinds of things to hide our real look. We all do it.
I welcome your flaws! Show them! And be proud of the scars life has given you.

Let me hear your thoughts on this subject matter🙏🏻

🔥 Find more darkness at www.lavarockphoto.dk and on Instagram (Lars_V_Andersen).
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