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    Dark Portraits, Fine Art
    & Heavy Metal Photography

Hi, I´m Lars V. Andersen

I create dark portraits, inspired by reflections on society,
human race and by living a life with anxiety.
I also make heavy metal band photos, artwork for albums
and documentation of events, e.g. backstage footage.

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Me to my girlfriend: “I am going out to look for old frames. I’m not gonna buy anything.”
One hour later: Well, see the picture...🤷🏻‍♂️

I just bought these 7 old framed pictures at @raatoggodtmaterialebank and I’m gonna use them to frame my own work.
Maybe for an exhibition. Maybe to hang in a store? (YOUR store? Then DM me:)).
Who knows?
I will give the frames new life and at one point someone hopefully wants to have one of my images hanging on their wall in one of these old school frames. Reuse ftw.
Btw the framed picture at the front; I am going to hang that on my own wall as it is.

If you are interested in getting one of my images for your own / your shop / your café / your restaurant etc (maybe on display / loan) then DM me and we’ll talk.

🔥See more of my darkness on Instagram (Lars_V_Andersen) and on my website (search “Lavarockphoto.dk)🔥
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