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Hi, I´m Lars V. Andersen

I create dark portraits, inspired by reflections on society,
human race and by living a life with anxiety.
I also make heavy metal band photos, artwork for albums
and documentation of events, e.g. backstage footage.

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It’s okay to suck… let my explain.⁣

Yesterday I exercised at the local football field and while I did that I came to think of when I played football. I started when I was 12, right after my country won the European Championship in ‘92🇩🇰⁣
I played for 5-6 years and I was pretty bad at it. All my mates was better (many of them had played since they were 5-6 years old). I played because I liked the fellowship and the comradery - not because I was good.⁣
I often sat on the bench and it didn’t bother me much.⁣

I played drums when I was 5-11 years old and then I played guitar. Wasn’t good at any of them. But I liked attending class at the music school. Until I did no more.⁣

I first found my serious interest in photography in my 30’es and finally “found” something I really wanted to be good at (I think of in sports, crafts and so on).⁣

So what’s my point?⁣

I guess I have two.⁣
#1: Do what you like to do, no matter if you suck at it. The most important thing is you like it and it gives you joy.⁣

#2: Don’t freak out if you think you have no set of skills - life is long and if you try stuff out you’ll find something you want to become better at doing.⁣
At 25,35 or 65. You’ll get there.⁣

With that being said: No matter what; if you are kind to the people around you, try your best and are not an asshole, you have a great skill right there.⁣

Anyways, all this talk just by seing the bench on the football field today (see the iPhone snapshot).⁣

If you are still reading then feel free to share what you a pretty bad at BUT still like to do?
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