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Hi, I´m Lars V. Andersen

I create dark portraits, inspired by reflections on society,
human race and by living a life with anxiety.
I also make heavy metal band photos, artwork for albums
and documentation of events, e.g. backstage footage.

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New image! Title: “Who You Are”

When we look in the mirror, what do we see: The person we really are or the person we’re trying to convince other people - and maybe ourselves - we are?

On social media people have an unofficial competition about who has the happiest and most awesome life. I don’t buy it.
I believe that a TRULY happy person doesn’t have the need to show and tell everyone how happy he or she is all the time - they will just be: Happy.
Don’t worry. They struggle too, you are not alone.

We need to relax and be self aware. We don’t need to be someone we are not. Don’t fake it. Be the real you. The right people will love you and most important: You will love yourself more.

What do you think?

Model: Troels Barkholt.
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