Why Is Dark Beauty Magazine important to me?

Some may wonder; why is it so important to me to get featured in Dark Beauty Magazine?
I will give you the answer:
Dark Beauty Magazine is the biggest magazine in the world (online and in print), regarding the kind of photography I do.
You know, the dark and eeire kind.
The magazine has 1.3+ million followers/viewers on Facebook and more than 350K on Instagram.
Therefore, the mag is a great opportunity to get exposure worldwide.
Being featured in the magazine DOES NOT:
– make me rich.
– make me a celebrity.
– make me a better human being (I´m working on that, every day, all days, as it is:))
What it actually does:
– it gets my work and name around the globe and I have by that got in touch with other artist, dark art fans and magazines who will showcase my work and more.
Do I want to get more exposure and be someone who´s work people recognize? Yes. Dark Beauty helps me with that.
Being in contact with other people, e.g. artist, is very inspiring to me and if I can inspire others, that is awesome.
So. Now you know why Dark Beauty Mag is a pretty big deal to me.
Btw, yesterday I had my 16th dark portrait featured in Dark Beauty Magazine, over a time of 12 months.
You can see ´em all on the picture below.
I will soon give a big print away to celebrate, so follow my Facebookpage and Instagram if you are interested.
See you!