See you in 2018

Hello everyone!

I want to wish you all a happy new year (and a late merry christmas).

Thanks to all of you who have helped me out during the year.
And I mean EVERYONE. Every model, every helper finding props, everyone sharing of my photography, every client, everyone like on social media (and by that spreading my work) e.t.c.
I´m so grateful for all your help and support.

For me, 2017 had been an incredible year, mostly due to the birth of my son, back in august. To have a little guy in your life, changes things, some a lot and some things, not so much.
Obviously, my work flow regarding my photography has changed.
The time for producing pictures has been limited, so it takes longer from I get an idea to the time where I´m done (shooting and post processing).
But it´s all good. I still create – when I´m not goofy with my son, changing diapers or doing other cool parenting stuff.
A couple of weeks ago I made my first official dark portrait with my son and girlfriend, for my “Virtual Reality Check” – project. It will not be the last dark portrait I do with him:)

In 2017 I managed to do 21 dark portraits – I hope to more in 2018. At the moment, I´m writing my goals for the next period of time.
There are quite a few. Some are secret projects, but to name some NOT secret: I am planning to make a music video for a band and I have a wish for having my dark portraits on display at some sort of gallery.
We´ll see what happens!

I will see you in 2018!


If you missed my pre-christmas-salute-video, see it HERE!

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