Artwork: My first full album cover

I´m proud to finally present the artwork for the new Electric Hellride album!

20 months ago the heavy metal band Electric Hellride asked me to make a series of pictures for their next album.
17 months ago we did the shoot and 1 week ago the album, Praedam, was released.

So it have been a long wait, but it has been worth it!
I´m very proud of the result and happy with what Electric Hellride and their layout guy have done to make this album look as it does.

When Electric Hellride first contacted me, they had some ideas and themes for the album and they wanted me to make a series of pictures which would make the artwork coherent with the lyrics and theme of the album. The album title was already then decided to be “Praedam” which means “prey” in latin – the pictures needed to reflect that title and the band gave me freedom to do what I found right.

After 3 months of pitching ideas back and forward, between Electric Hellride and me, I finally did the shoot with the main model, Christina, and the “background models”, Kristina, Camilla and Trine.
We did the shoot in an old parking garage and it was very awesome and quite easy to do, maybe because that I had the whole thing planned down to every detail.
Some random people looked a bit curious when they walked by, getting their parked cars, but who can blame them when a nearly naked model was getting her picture taken?

The album is out and downunder you can see the result. As you see, a couple of my pictures are also used on the band new tshirts.

I have included a couple of sketches I did before the shoot – and yes, I draw like a little kid. But it helps me remember what to do:)

I really want to do more artwork photography in the future. Please keep me in mind if you hear about a band who is in need of some visuals for their next album or promotion material. I will mean the world to me…

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The sketches